If you would like to lease or purchase this domain call Pulse Studio at 630-796-2894

Paul and John Miller have not been responding to any calls or emails.  If they owe you money please try contacting them via the information below.
Our last known contact information for Paul Miller and John Miller from Strategic Digital Signage (SDS) is shown.  We believe they are no longer living at those addresses.

Paul Miller
Cell: 630-654-0403
Additional email: Mfb4656@aol.com or sdspmil@gmail.com

Last known address for Paul Miller:
was at 615 Justina Street
Hinsdale, IL 60521 but moved out.

John Miller
Cell: 630-337-9999

Last known address for John Miller:
1515 South Prairie Avenue
Unit 918
Chicago, IL 60605

  • For outstanding SDS invoices call Paul at 630-654-0403–Paul Miller